Parenting in Another Culture

This program helps immigrant parents cope with parenting challenges in a new country and culture, giving parents and caregivers practical knowledge and skills for parenting in Canada, and bringing cross-cultural parents together to share experiences and make connections. It is for immigrants and refugees who want to learn more about parenting in Canada, while keeping their own cultures and family traditions.

Parenting in Another Culture will help you:

  • meet other cross-cultural parents to make connections with
  • share your stories and views on parenting
  • learn building positive parenting skills in a Canadian context
  • understand how to balance your own cultural background and parenting in Canada
  • access important information and services related to parenting in Canada
During COVID-19, the program has moved online.
  • Regular information and networking sessions focused on topics related to parenting in Canada (e.g. supporting your child through school, literacy development, language development, family traditions, racism, bullying, school styles, culture and values)
  • Information workshops in partnership with other local service providers on topics related to parenting in Canada (e.g. financial/tax benefits, discipline, managing attention spans)

Would you like to learn some tax tips for families 2020?

If you missed the “Info-Session: Online Tax tips for Families 2020”, you can watch it here.

The info-session was hosted by a certified bookkeeper Mika Matsudate from Sakura Bookkeeping. In the video you will learn about…

  • Types of Benefits you can claim
  • Items you can deduct
  • How to maximize tax back
  • How to minimize Income Tax

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