Multicultural Community Kitchens

The Multicultural Community Kitchens program, run by immigrants for immigrants and other community members, focuses on food and cultural sharing. It

  • – brings immigrants and community members to meet and share their recipes and stories at regular monthly cooking sessions.
  • – gives opportunities to immigrants to learn/develop skills, knowledge and confidence through courses and workshops including First Aid, Food safe, nutrition and gardening.
  • – helps community members become more aware, understanding and appreciative of the diverse cultures now represented in Whistler.
During COVID-19 Community Kitchens will be run online. Please check our calendar for details.

Our thanks go to the Resort Municipality of Whistler who have supported this program and its development over the last 4 years. 

Join us every month for a cooking session; learn how to cook a meal from another culture and enjoy eating it with the chefs and other participants. Our chefs are local residents from around the world who want to share the food and stories from their home country. We choose delicious food, which is easy to make and will not ruin your budget. And we make sure that all the ingredients are available locally, if you decide to cook the food you learn about at home for your family and friends. Check our calendar for upcoming sessions.

All kitchens will be online. They will be via Zoom and streamed live on our Facebook page. Check the calendar for dates. Email us to get zoom log in details.

  1. Be a multicultural cook and share your food and culture

Every month we invite someone from a foreign country to teach us how to prepare their traditional meal. If you like to cook and share your knowledge with others, please let us know!

  1. Be our Multicultural Community Kitchen Assistant

Work with the Multicultural Outreach Worker to run monthly Multicultural Community Kitchens. Help prepare, manage and record each event, encourage participants to connect with each other, and ensure cultural sharing is enjoyable. [More detail…Multicultural Community Kitchens Assistant job description]

  1. Donate

If you like our Multicultural Community Kitchen program and would like to donate in the form of kitchen equipment, staple foods, gift card or any other way, please contact us. Thank you!

The Welcome Centre regularly organizes valuable workshops, training and courses to help immigrants gain new skills and knowledge for home and for work. These are mainly: Foodsafe and First Aid courses, nutrition and gardening workshops. Check our calendar for upcoming training opportunities and workshops.

Did you miss a cooking session or are you looking for some new ideas on what to cook? Check out our multicultural food pages for new ideas on multicultural meals, and read more about the diverse people and cultures in Whistler. 

In 2017, we compiled our first cookbook of recipes and stories that had been shared at community kitchens and at the Whistler Multicultural Festival.

To order your copy of Whistler’s Multicultural Kitchens 2017 contact us. Printed copies are $10 each, and all money from the sale of this Cookbook will go to supporting Welcome Centre programs and to making them more sustainable. We hope this is the first of many, and that we will be able to share the food and stories we enjoy year-round in our Multicultural Community Kitchens and at the Whistler Multicultural Festival in future Cookbooks.

Every year, we are proud to offer multicultural food at our annual Festival! It is always a very unique experience where our multicultural volunteer crew prepares samples for community members at the Festival. Do you have any ideas on what food we can prepare at our next Festival? Let us know, as we are always looking for new ideas and people.

Whistler, BC; June 10, 2016: The Whistler Multi Cultural Festival celebrating Whistler's cultural and ethnic diversity with entertainment, crafts and food was held at the Library and Museum on Friday. Photo: Joern Rohde/joernrohde.com