Immigrant Peer Educator Program

Our Immigrant Peer educators support their peers, their social, family and work connections, with information and referrals that help them cope with adjusting and adapting to life in Canada and Whistler. They learn about:

  • culture shock, depression, discrimination
  • how to solve conflicts with landlords or employers
  • children and women’s health issues
  • education or career planning in Canada
  • local resources and services

After the program, we invite trained Immigrant Peer Educators to reconnect monthly, from January to March. We come together with former program graduates to connect and discover how others are working as Peer Educators in our community:

  • supporting others in the community as a Peer Educator
  • giving us feedback on what issues immigrants are facing, and what services and programs they need.

You may also like to volunteer with the Welcome Centre.

Part One: In 8 weekly sessions you will:

  • Develop important skills for life, work and being a peer educator, including
    • What is a peer mentor?
    • Listening and Questioning Skills
    • Setting Boundaries and Self Care
    • Teambuilding
  • Build your knowledge of life in Canada, and services, resources and programs in Whistler. We invite a variety of speakers from the community who will come to talk about topics, programs and services related to
    • Legal rights and responsibilities, including employee rights
    • Mental Health
    • Education System
    • Literacy Programs
    • Health and Recreation
    • Settlement and Outreach Programs
    • English Language support
    • Parenting in Canada

Part Two: We rejoin monthly, from January to March, with all the former IPEP graduates. We bring everyone together and support you as you work as a Peer Educator in your community; we discuss how networking and mentoring is going, answer questions and solve any issues you may be having. This is also where we connect with one another and discover how others are working as a Peer Educator in their community.

Depending on interest, we  invite in local service providers that you are interested in hearing from.

  • Gain valuable experience and develop skills for future career opportunities
  • Receive FREE training on team work, facilitation skills, listening and questioning skills, health and wellness, education, self-advocacy, local social service and other local resources and programs.
  • Work in a team to increase awareness about social services and immigrant support programs.
  • Be part of a program that is fun, informative and easy to fit into your current lifestyle.
  • Meet new people and contribute to your community
  • Practice and develop English language skills, especially listening and speaking and communication skills.
  • Add it to your resume and receive a reference after 6 months of participation
  • Receive a Peer Educator certificate

Check the dates of the next program

There are many ways to get involved, click here for more details.

The program runs every fall. Check the calendar for dates of the 2022 program.