The Government of British Columbia health insurance plan is called the Medical Services Plan (MSP). Once you register with MSP, you don’t have to pay to see a doctor or for hospital treatment.

All residents of B.C. must sign up with the Medical Services Plan (MSP) as soon as you arrive in BC.

Your coverage may start three months after your arrival date in British Columbia. You should contact a private health care insurance company for coverage during this waiting period. If you do not purchase health insurance and you need treatment in hospital or a clinic, it may cost you thousands of dollars per day.

Note: Your MSP card and driving licence are combined in one card – your BC Services Card.  You need to renew your driver’s licence and MSP every five years. This can be done at the same time.  For full details see:  BC Drivers Licence and Services Card

BC MSP is for British Columbia residents who are Canadian citizens, landed immigrants (have permanent residence) or government-assisted refugees. Post-secondary international students with study permits and people with work permits for six months or longer can also get MSP.

Click here to see if you are eligible

MSP supplementary benefits provide partial payment for certain medical services obtained in British Columbia which are not covered in regular MSP, for example, massage therapy and chiropractic services…

(Eligibility requirements are subject to change.)

 BC Medical Services Plan covers:

  • visiting a doctor
  • hospital stays
  • many types of surgery
  • many types of laboratory tests
  • almost all immunizations
  • X-rays 

It does not cover:

  • dental care
  • prescription drugs
  • ambulance services
  • visits to an optometrist, prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses
  • physiotherapy/acupuncture/chiropractor/massage

Extra health insurance coverage (an extended healthcare insurance plan) is often offered by employers to help pay for these items, or you can buy your own extended healthcare insurance from a private company. 

For more details on What’s Covered? And What’s Not?

In most places in BC, 911 is the emergency phone number for fire, police and ambulance.  The 911 call is free.  You can ask for help in your own language if you do not speak English.


Whistler Health Care Centre
4380 Lorimer Rd, Whistler


Pemberton Health Centre
1403 Portage Rd, Pemberton
604-894-6633 for Emergency
604-894-6022 for non-emergency ambulance

Other Emergency Services

1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-784-2433 24hr service, call if you are having thoughts of suicide or need to speak to someone.

RCMP Victim Services 604-905-1969, offering information, emotional support, and assistance to victims and witnesses of crimes or traumas.

For more information on depression, see The Kelty Foundation or Whistler Community Services Society for a list of local counsellors and therapists you could see.

If you are pregnant, make sure you see a local Doctor (GP) to arrange for things like ultrasound appointments, and to plan for your delivery.

Contact Community Health for more information about having a healthy pregnancy and caring for a baby/small child or click here for Baby’s Best Chance.

The closest hospital you can have your baby is either in Squamish or in Vancouver.  You can also ask for a midwife for your delivery.  Ask your doctor (GP) about the different choices for delivery.

You’ll go home with baby the day after you give birth. The day after you go home a nurse from Vancouver Coastal Health will come to your home to check that you and your baby are both healthy. 

Whistler Community Health offers many services such as best beginnings, child health clinics, immunizations, family health programs and much more.

Health Pregnancy Outreach Program: Pemberton

This program helps women maintain good health throughout their pregnancy and have healthy babies. It offers a weekly drop-in discussion group, a cooking club and one-on-one support. The program is for women who are pregnant or whose child is six months old or younger.

When? Every Tuesday at noon, 1341 Aster Street, Pemberton. See the Sea to Sky Community Services website for details of other programs offered.

Whistler Health Care Centre: urgent and emergency care

  • X-ray, CT, a laboratory for tests and other medical services – 1st Floor
  • 604-932-4911

Coast Medical Clinic:

  • 110-4350 Lorimer Road
  • 604-905-5130

Town Plaza Medical Clinic:  

  • 40-4314 Main Street
  • 604-905-7089

Whistler Medical Clinic:  


Nesters Market: 604-905-0429 Pharmacy hours 8am to 10pm daily

Rexall Marketplace: 604-932-2303 Pharmacy hours 9am to 9pm daily.

Rexall Village Square: 604-932-4251 Pharmacy hours 9am to 9pm daily.

Shoppers Drug Mart: in Whistler Village below Earl’s: 604-905-5556 Pharmacy hours 9am to 9pm daily.

Eye tests and prescriptions

Whistler Eye Clinic: 604-932-2600


Creekside Dental: 604-938-1550

Whistler Dental: 604-932-3677

Whistler Smiles: 604-966-4500

General health care can mainly be accessed in Pemberton through the Pemberton Health Centre, located at 1403 Portage Rd, Pemberton, V0N 2L0.

Pemberton Ambulance
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 604-894-6022 

Pemberton Health Centre
Emergency & urgent care: 604-894-6633